Quantum Revolution Tour

March 22nd-24th

Las Vegas, NV




SAVE $348.50

Act fast as this event is quickly approaching and the 50% will only be available until February 20th or until the rooms fill up.

To receive 50% off your ticket, book your 2 nights at the Red Rocks hotel & Casino using the link below. Once you have your booking, email us at with your booking number and we'll send you the 50% off code to get your 3-day QRT ticket!

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Why we are supporting and attending this event?

A message from Nicole Frolick

If you've been with me for a while then you may have heard me talk about my 'breadcrumbs playlist'. Often times, many of us hit a block or take a major dive south in our vibration when our heart and mind get out of alignment. It happens to the best of us. A rain cloud of enormous proportions parks itself right over top of us and it can feel like an Iron Man competition trying to find our way back to feeling high vibe again.

The breadcrumb playlist is my way of assuring I find my way back with as little effort as possible. It's a compilation of my favorite videos that really help to steer me back on track while raising my vibration in an instant. And Jessica Alstrom is on that playlist. She really knows how to deliver a complex concept in 4th grade speak and let's face it. When you are down, your brain wants simple, simple, simple and effective, effective, effective. I've had Jessica on my podcast twice now and both times I have learned something that allows me to bio-hack my original process into something even easier, faster and more effective. 

This is why I am investing my time and money into participating at this event. I know Jessica delivers. And I promise you, I don't invest into my spiritual expansion lightly. I need to make sure there are a few boxes that are ticked before I even consider it

  • Is this a safe environment for my personal healing that allows me to be vulnerable?

  • Is this person/company authentic and transparent about themselves and what they are capable of delivering?

  • Am I going to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that aren't just showing up to learn more, but really want to immerse in the experience of it all?

These are my top 3 must haves and QRT ticks them all.

I am thrilled to be participating in this event and I won't lie...the Super Hero Ball on the Saturday night is going to be SO FUN!!

If you are interested in leveling up with me and my co-hosts of enLIGHTenUP then please join us next month in Vegas! I would love to meet you in person and share some quantum shifts with YOU.