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Ross Cessna April 04, 2019


Ross Cessna is a writer, transformational coach, tarot reader and reiki practitioner. He uses his gifts and personal experiences to help people explore difficult life experiences and transmute them into blessings. His experience is shared at live events, via The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast and through poetry in his first book, Vagrant Verses which is available on Amazon.

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Laurel Airica April 18, 2019


Laurel is the creator of WordMagic Global, By revealing the Secret Spells of the English Language with witch we write our own Life Sentences, and the Sacred PathWords pointing toward our liberation, Laurel shows in verse and prose how young and old around the globe can collectively, creatively, and quite rapidly Take Command of the English Language and upgrade it to facilitate our essential evolution from humankind to HumanKindness.