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030: Human Batteries, Liberation from the Matrix, Chemtrails & Awakening the Youth with Alexis Buck

We welcome Alexis Buck of the Ascension Diaries to our show today for a very interesting conversation about the matrix. We talk about how humans are being used like batteries and possibly tricked into reincarnating back to Earth to continue being a battery for entities who cannot self source energy.

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029: Feeling Lonely, Not Judging Judgy People, Reincarnation & Mike the Death Expert

Happy New Year! This is our first show of 2018 and to get an idea of how our audience is experiencing their own awakening, we've brought Bianca Simboli on, an Enlighten Up listener, to share her story. 

When we make a deeper connection to who we are spiritually, we often will notice that a disconnect happens with some of our relationships and usual surroundings. If you don't have many people or anyone for that matter to open up to about this, spiritual awakening can begin to feel very lonely.

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028: The Akashic Records, Alligator Energy Feeders & No More Karma w/ Maureen St. Germain

Welcome back Maureen St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D, as she goes into much deeper understanding of the Akashic Records. According to Maureen, as soon as your soul begins to experience life, a field of energy is created that records your every thought, word, action, desire and emotion. This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records, your Book of Life. By accessing this personal library of knowledge, you can identify, open or release anything that you have created or blocked through your life's experiences.

Have you ever experienced people or circumstances that seem to be constantly bringing your energy down? We talk about the effects of negative energy and how it is used as a source of food for what Maureen calls 'alligator energy feeders'. 

And we are all taught that what we put out to the world we will receive back to us, especially through the law of karma. But Maureen talks to us today about the idea that Karma no longer exists...and how that can positively affect your soul's journey.

We talk about all of this and more in episode 028!

Maureen's website:

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027: Channeling We Are the Power of 10, Your Frequency Family & 2018 Energy Insight w/ Michelle Paisley Reed

We welcome back Michelle Paisley Reed, internationally bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and spirit channel. After getting into a great discussion about channeling and Michael's skepticism of it all, Michelle goes under and brings forth We Are the Power of 10.

They have some great insight for Lisa, Nicole, and Michael as well as some insight as to what we can expect for the energies of 2018. All of their answers have universal truths that will apply to so many of this at time.

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026: Skinwalkers, Gods WIFI, the Power of Love & Demon Doorways

This episode marks our 6th month anniversary! It's been such a fun ride up til now so we are going to give you our updates on where we stand on some of the topics we have discussed to date as well as bring up some new topics! Has our skeptic, Michael, changed his stance on any of these topics?

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025: Dark Night of the Soul, Conscious Feeling & Breaking Ribs on Toilets

As we seek to love ourselves and others more, none of this is possible until we have embraced our shadow self. When we begin to face our darkness, this is called the Dark Night of the Self. In today's episode, we dive deeper into the meaning, discuss why we must go through this phase, and share personal experiences with our own DNOTS.

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024: Reiki, Awakening to Psychic Gifts & Avoiding Psychic Scams with Michael Philpott

The more we awaken on the spiritual journey, the more we tune into our innate gifts. Our guest today, Michael Philpott, didn't awaken to his energetic gifts until he went through his dark night of the soul. This low point in his life prompted him to search for answers and before he knew it he found himself studying Reiki.

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023: Self Healing, Energetic Weight Loss & the Cosmic 2x4 w/ Jeremy McDonald

We are joined by Jeremy McDonald today, Managing Editor of the blog Stillness in the Storm and author of Peace Be Still. As well we have Brian the skeptic filling in for Michael who was travelling over the holidays and unable to be with us. 

In today's discussion we have a lot of fun chatting about how to handle the Cosmic 2x4 and how this plays into self healing. Self healing can take on many different forms as we all experience various....

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022: Light Language, Lisa’s Channeling & a Heart/3rd Eye Opening Transmission with Jamye Price

In today's episode we explore Light Language with Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language. We're going to get into what it is, what's the purpose, and why more people are beginning to speak this language.

You've heard us mention that Lisa speaks light language and now you will finally hear her speak! Jamye let's us know which galactic origins she's bringing forth as well as a general interpretation.

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021: The Red Pill, Rabbit Holes, Hollywood & Waking Up from the Dream

Have you ever experienced a moment in time when everything you thought to be true was crumbling into a pile of false lies? Michael, Lisa, and Nicole are going to share with you which parts of their worlds came crumbling down and could be described as their 'red pill moment'.

But what happens when you drop into that rabbit hole to see where it leads you? How far can it take you? Should you come up for air? Should you bring people with you? Is it better to perhaps live in ignorance or 'blue pill bliss'?

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020: Waking Up in 5D, Fairies & the Interdimensional Lost and Found w/ Maureen St. Germain

Maureen St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D, joins us on this week's episode to break down what it means to live in 5D versus 3D. 

Maureen does a great job and simplifying the different dimensions and how it pertains to how we operate in this world and our relationships with everyone.

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019: Dream Interpretations & Hidden Messages with Jim Dierickx

We welcome back Jim Dierickx to our show and if you haven't already please check out episode 007: Angels, Demons, Free Energy & Interdimensional Time Travel to get the full scope on who Jim is. His life story is akin to a movie that has you wondering how he is even alive today to tell his story.

In this episode, we asked for you to send in your dreams for interpretation on the air and we chose 2 of the most intriguing dreams for this show. Did we choose yours?

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018: Carbon, Climate & Cow Farts (a fun discernment exercise) with Brian Koenigberg and Heather Sartain

It's no secret that we at Enlighten Up like to challenge what we are told to be truths as we walk this spiritual journey. As we awaken to our own soul's purpose and find deeper meaning in life we will also find ourselves questioning what society, institutions, media and others tell us to accept.

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017: Who Am I, Jim Carrey, Ascension & Mike's 1st Michaelism

Understanding who we are is one of the major foundations of the journey of Self. Until we truly understand ourselves deep beyond the superficial surfaces of what we project to the world to see, we will never be able to align with what makes us happy and bring meaning into life.

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016: Chakras, Sex, Energy & DNA Floaters

Ever wonder what happens on the energetic level when you have sex with someone? Did you know that if after the fact, you never see that person again...they are connected to you forever?

Find out how sex creates an energetic cord between 2 people that directly influences how you feel, the thoughts in your mind, and the way you live your life. It's not just STD's you need to be worried about. How would you feel if...

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015: Negative Energy, Cord Cutting & Astral Healing

Have you ever felt like despite your best intentions or efforts, you act completely out of character and have no idea why? Do you feel like despite your best efforts, some things just never go right? 

In today's episode we talk about the unseen effects that could be influencing our thoughts, words and actions in ways that are uncharacteristically us.

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012: Communication With Your Guides - Angels, Numbers & Synchronicities

Do you know people who talk about getting messages from divine sources like angels? Have you wondered what those messages look or sound like? How do you know when 'someone' from the higher realms is trying to communicate with you? 

In today's episode, we discuss the various ways that messages are communicated to you, what to be on the lookout for and how to discern between 'random' incidents versus potential messages.

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011: Crystals, Atlantis & Mike's Money Maker

In today's episode, Nicole and Lisa discusses how crystals are not just 'rocks'. Despite Michael's skepticism, he opens up how he never goes anywhere without a small crystal gifted to him 2 years ago...because it makes him money! It is believed that crystals were used extensively in the lost city known to us as Atlantis and that not all of the great crystals were lost when the city fell. In fact, Nicole and Lisa are getting ready to take a roadtrip to Arkansas to visit an area believed to be one of the area's where 2 of these crystals were moved and safely stored deep below the surface of the earth.

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