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004: Good Vibrations, Energetic Mosquito Repellent & Michael's 1st Vision?

In today’s episode, Lisa, Michael, and Nicole kick things off chatting about energy, vibrations and frequency. They touch on why people are drinking pH balanced water, Michael confuses the Beach Boys with Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch when he thinks about Good Vibrations, Michael asks what are vibrations and why anyone would want to raise their vibrations, and Nicole and Lisa explain why eating a meatless diet raises your vibrations.

This brings up the topic of frequency and how it relates to our emotions bringing up the book Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins as well as the author John Holt who wrote The Underachieving School and How Children Learn. This takes the conversation into the different systems in place designed to dumb us down and why Lisa homeschooled her kids.

And just like a mosquito lands, bites, and is gone before you know it...mosquitos make a quick appearance in this show. Have Nicole and Lisa discovered a deet free way to prevent mosquito bites?

Also, Michael shares with us his very first vision that scared the crap out of him while half meditating and half sleeping. Was it just a dream or was there more to it? Lisa and Nicole share why they believe it was more than a dream and how their visions have come to them including the hologram of Jesus that appeared in Lisa’s room when she was 16. But wait! Even Michael's 93 yr old grandmother has some insight to share with us before we wrap it all don't miss any of it.

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