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005: Avatars vs the Higher Self & Spirit Joyrides During a Blackout

In today’s episode, we discuss how raising your vibrations benefits your life and the people around you. Did you know when raising your vibrations, you expand your energy field and people will be attracted to your light/positivity, assisting others to see their own light?

Lisa mentions Burt Goldman, the author of Quantum Jumping, and how he channels experts in all fields.

Who is the higher self? Michael asks who is our higher self? Are we just avatars on this planet, controlled by our higher self? Does everyone have a higher self? How does our higher self communicate with us? What are the conversations like?

Then Michael asks a great question: Can you raise your vibrations through certain types of drugs? This question was prompted from an article he read about CEO’s microdosing to keep them on their toes.

What happens to our soul/spirit when the body becomes too toxic from drinking or drug use? Is there a spiritual reason explaining memory blackouts and doing things we would never do soberly? Michael brings this up after reading this article.

Is there a link to negative entities attaching to our energy fields and depression?

We discuss this all in episode 5!

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