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013: Meditation, Violet Flame, Visions & Michael's Adoption Plans

Meditation can take on different forms and there's no 'right' way to do it for everyone. We're going to discuss our thoughts on meditation, what we've experienced, what worked and didn't work and some easy techniques to get you started.

We'll discuss the Breath of Life technique we all use, the Violet Flame of Transmutation, and how to receive visions.

Do you believe you may be psychic? What if we told you everyone has the ability? Find out why and how you can start using your own abilities.

Understanding your own level of consciousness and how that plays a role in creating the experiences you have in your life is key to exiting the matrix...and how it all ties into Ascension. 

Lastly, we talk about raising children to be more consciously aware. How does that look and what does that actually mean? Should children be taught to meditate from an early age?

Find out what we all think in episode 013!

Video on Levels of Consciousness:

Violet Flame Blog:

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