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014: S.O.S My Faiths Been Rocked, Self Awareness & Freaky Dreams

Have you ever believed so much in something or someone only to one day have it all ripped out from underneath you? Did it turn your world upside down? How do you recover from that?

In today's episode, Michael and Nicole share separate experiences that rocked their faith just this year causing them both to back away from something they were desperately wanting to believe in. There were some big lessons involved here and they share those with all of you.

We also slip in a post-production clip where Michael gets very vulnerable and raw about depression and how he self taught himself out of it using self-awareness.

Have you ever had dreams or nightmares that have felt so real you begin to wonder how real it might actually be? Have you ever awoken to someone standing in your room who is from another dimension? Find out what Nicole and Lisa both experienced last weekend and how connected their energies were despite them being over 100 miles apart. 

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