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015: Negative Energy, Cord Cutting & Astral Healing

Have you ever felt like despite your best intentions or efforts, you act completely out of character and have no idea why? Do you feel like despite your best efforts, some things just never go right? 

In today's episode we talk about the unseen effects that could be influencing our thoughts, words and actions in ways that are uncharacteristically us. There are ways that other people's energies can attach to us creating a constant back and forth flow between 2 people (or more!) without you even realizing it. What's worse, if that person's energy is low vibe, depressing, angry, unmotivating, self-sabotaging or are now taking on their stuff and it will play out in your life in very unwanted ways.

There are ways to cut these cord and Lisa and Nicole will discuss this with you as well check out the article below for a great cord cutting ceremony that you can do on your own.

Before we wrap things up we talk a little bit about how we've experienced healing of past relationships with people we no longer speak with within our dream state. Has it happened to you? How do you know if it does? 

Find this all out in episode 15!

Video Link: Bentinho Massaro on negative energy influencing our actions

Cord Cutting article: How to Remove Negative Energy

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