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017: Who Am I, Jim Carrey, Ascension & Mike's 1st Michaelism

Understanding who we are is one of the major foundations of the journey of Self. Until we truly understand ourselves deep beyond the superficial surfaces of what we project to the world to see, we will never be able to align with what makes us happy and bring meaning into life. 

Today Michael, Lisa and Nicole take a deeper look into 'Know Thyself' and it's significance in creating the life we live. Mike brings up Jim Carrey's response to an interviewer on a red carpet event in light of going beyond skin deep with ourselves. Why did Hollywood and media not understand him? Is he just crazy?

You also get an intro into Ascension and the different dimensions. As we discuss this topic, Michael reveals to us something he has learned along the way of doing this podcast and it has to do with love! Wait til you hear what he has to say as he drops some beautiful insight on us all!

All of this and more in episode 17!

And DON'T FORGET! You have until Oct 15th Midnight PST to send us in your dreams for Jim to analyze on the air! Send your dream into for a chance to get some incredible insight into what your dream could mean!

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