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018: Carbon, Climate & Cow Farts (a fun discernment exercise) with Brian Koenigberg and Heather Sartain

It's no secret that we at Enlighten Up like to challenge what we are told to be truths as we walk this spiritual journey. As we awaken to our own soul's purpose and find deeper meaning in life we will also find ourselves questioning what society, institutions, media and others tell us to accept. 

In today's episode we welcome back Brian Koeniberg (E006) and Heather Sartain (E010) to join us in a fun exercise of discernment regarding a popular global issue: Man-made Climate Change. 

We're going to talk about the demonizing of Carbon Dioxide, why it's not a pollutant and how having more of it in our atmosphere would actually BENEFIT this whole entire planet immensely.

All of this and more in episode 018! 

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