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019: Dream Interpretations & Hidden Messages with Jim Dierickx

We welcome back Jim Dierickx to our show and if you haven't already please check out episode 007: Angels, Demons, Free Energy & Interdimensional Time Travel to get the full scope on who Jim is. His life story is akin to a movie that has you wondering how he is even alive today to tell his story.

In this episode, we asked for you to send in your dreams for interpretation on the air and we chose 2 of the most intriguing dreams for this show. Did we choose yours? 

All three of us share some of our dreams as well and we have to say...there was some interesting insight into these dreams that helped us see our dreams in new ways.

For more information on Jim please check out the links below as he is working on 2 incredible inventions that will change this planet for the better. Supporting him in his electric vehicle charging system solution will end up supporting his true goal: building his invention to stop human trafficking.

Jim's Website:

Magazine write up:

Charging Systems Video:

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