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023: Self Healing, Energetic Weight Loss & the Cosmic 2x4 w/ Jeremy McDonald

We are joined by Jeremy McDonald today, Managing Editor of the blog Stillness in the Storm and author of Peace Be Still. As well we have Brian the skeptic filling in for Michael who was travelling over the holidays and unable to be with us. 

In today's discussion we have a lot of fun chatting about how to handle the Cosmic 2x4 and how this plays into self healing. Self healing can take on many different forms as we all experience various forms of trauma be it emotional, mental or physical. What happens when we empower ourselves to stop looking outside of ourselves to be healed? 

Do we all have the abilities to heal thyself?

And what about that energetic weight loss? Is it possible to mind melt the weight off? 

Find out in the fun discussion on episode 023!

Jeremy's website:

Webinar Dec 13, 2017 w/ Jeremy and Nicole:

Stillness In the Storm:

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