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025: Dark Night of the Soul, Conscious Feeling & Breaking Ribs on Toilets

As we seek to love ourselves and others more, none of this is possible until we have embraced our shadow self. When we begin to face our darkness, this is called the Dark Night of the Self. In today's episode, we dive deeper into the meaning, discuss why we must go through this phase, and share personal experiences with our own DNOTS.

Often times this journey brings us back to understanding ourselves and uniting our mind and body together for heightened communication with our higher self. This comes through conscious feeling. Have you ever wondered if there was more to your injuries or aches and pains? Is there a message your body is trying to convey to you?

Michael's body was trying to convey a message to him but he wasn't listening...until Nicole and Lisa helped shed some light on his 'accident'.

Also, in episode 23, Brian promised to give 'mentally melting the weight' off his body a try one night and Lisa will share with us the results today! Did he lose any weight just by willing it with his mind? 

Find out in episode 025!

Nicole's Guided Meditation:

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