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026: Skinwalkers, Gods WIFI, the Power of Love & Demon Doorways

This episode marks our 6th month anniversary! It's been such a fun ride up til now so we are going to give you our updates on where we stand on some of the topics we have discussed to date as well as bring up some new topics! Has our skeptic, Michael, changed his stance on any of these topics?

We discuss the darker side of the spiritual world and get into some stories and thoughts on skinwalkers as well as how demons get legal contracts into our lives.

Of course on the flip side we have the lighter part of life and that encompasses LOVE! One of Lisa and Nicole's favorite topics to talk about, Michael gives us an update on how he feels about love while Lisa shares a recent story of love at Home Depot.

And what has happened to Michael's pineal gland? Has he officially connected with God's WIFI? What has he seen? What does he wish he never sees again?

All of this in episode 026!

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