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028: The Akashic Records, Alligator Energy Feeders & No More Karma w/ Maureen St. Germain

Welcome back Maureen St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D, as she goes into much deeper understanding of the Akashic Records. According to Maureen, as soon as your soul begins to experience life, a field of energy is created that records your every thought, word, action, desire and emotion. This field of energy is known as the Akashic Records, your Book of Life. By accessing this personal library of knowledge, you can identify, open or release anything that you have created or blocked through your life's experiences.

Have you ever experienced people or circumstances that seem to be constantly bringing your energy down? We talk about the effects of negative energy and how it is used as a source of food for what Maureen calls 'alligator energy feeders'. 

And we are all taught that what we put out to the world we will receive back to us, especially through the law of karma. But Maureen talks to us today about the idea that Karma no longer exists...and how that can positively affect your soul's journey.

We talk about all of this and more in episode 028!

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