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029: Feeling Lonely, Not Judging Judgy People, Reincarnation & Mike the Death Expert

Happy New Year! This is our first show of 2018 and to get an idea of how our audience is experiencing their own awakening, we've brought Bianca Simboli on, an Enlighten Up listener, to share her story. 

When we make a deeper connection to who we are spiritually, we often will notice that a disconnect happens with some of our relationships and usual surroundings. If you don't have many people or anyone for that matter to open up to about this, spiritual awakening can begin to feel very lonely.

Bianca then shares with us how becoming less judgmental has created more happiness in her life. This re-opens our conversation about judgment and how important it is to not judge people who are judging others. Lisa shares one of her tips for avoiding being pulled into the judgment drama.

Bianca also shares with us one of her greatest fears, death. Michael isn't sold on reincarnation so we open up the idea again and ask some bigger questions about the purpose behind living only one life for eternity, never to return to the universe for another life. During this conversation we also learn that Michael thinks about death more times in an hour than most men think about sex. It's never boring!

All of this and more in episode 029!

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