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030: Human Batteries, Liberation from the Matrix, Chemtrails & Awakening the Youth with Alexis Buck

We welcome Alexis Buck of the Ascension Diaries to our show today for a very interesting conversation about the matrix. We talk about how humans are being used like batteries and possibly tricked into reincarnating back to Earth to continue being a battery for entities who cannot self source energy.

This conversation takes us further down the rabbit hole on why everyone is suddenly getting sick with the flu. We discuss deeper reasons as to why this is happening which of course opens the discussion of chemtrails. There are very opposing views on this topic so get ready for a heated debate on whether or not chemtrails are actually being used against us.

Later on Alexis opens up about her biggest passion: awakening the youth through memes. She sees an incredible opportunity in reaching the youth through this humorous platform to begin planting the seeds to awaken their consciousness. 

All of this and more in episode 030.

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For a deeper understanding of how our energy is harvested, you can learn more from Part 1 and 2 of Nicole's recent blogs on this topic.

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