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031: Sleep Paralysis, Lucy-fur, Bloodline Karma & a Twin Star Exclusive with Korinne Wilson

Today we welcome Korinne Wilson, the Occult Priestess, to our show and get ready because this episode is bursting with incredible stories, channeled information, and intriguing insights.

Korinne's journey began with sleep paralysis from a very young age that continued until the age of 19. Sharing her story inspired Michael to share is own recent experiences with sleep paralysis and his encounter with a red-headed demon who Korinne calls Lucy-fur.

There is so much to talk about that the conversation takes us from shadow people into bloodline karma into alien love bites and it begs the question: What is Evil?

And after getting some great dating advice from Korinne about how to determine karmic relationships versus a love relationship, she shares an EXCLUSIVE with us on Twin Stars! If you're interested in the Twin Flame journey then you will be VERY interested in this new information she shares for the first time. 

These incredible insights come from her connection to Hermes, her master soul guide, who has been assisting Korinne in her work and study. Some of the insights she shares will enlighten us on the mystery schools of Egypt before they even existed here on Earth.

This is not a show to miss. All of this and more in episode 031!

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