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032: Bad Behaviour, Math and Sciencing Your Feelings & Brian's Love Experiment

We are happy to announce that Brian Koenigberg has officially joined Enlighten Up as a full-time co-host. Today's episode focuses on a question he asked Lisa and Nicole one evening: Why is it easier to think badly about someone versus sending them love? This opens the conversation about negative programming and learning how to walk the walk instead of only talking the talk.

As children we learn by example and this continues into our adult world. If we want to see positive change in the world then it's time to start modeling that change so that others can learn by our example. Of course living that change is not as easy as talking about it and is demonstrated through Brian's and Michael's lack of enthusiasm of spending 20 minutes a day sending love to someone whom they don't have happy thoughts for. 

This episode is a great example of 4 friends having a heated discussion through their differing viewpoints. The tensions rise and the feelings are intense but in the end, everyone can appreciate the other. And because of that honor, they still laugh together and enjoy the love of friendship. This is the beauty of sharing diverse ideas while being open minded to the possibilities such conversations can provide our own personal growth.

All of this and more in episode 032!

Video on Diverse Friends:

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