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034: Near Death Experiences, DNA Activation, UFOs, Bigfoot & Starseeds with James Gilliland

We welcome James Gilliland, founder of ECETI ranch, to our show today. James brings us a wealth of knowledge that blends science and spirit beautifully. First we are taken through James' first near death experience at the age of 5. He explains how a woman in blue saved his life by offering him an ice cream-like concoction which prevented him from becoming sick again. Who was the woman in blue?

James also takes us way back to the origin of man opening the door to DNA activation. He explains how our 'junk DNA' is anything but and that one of these genes is known as the Salamander gene. What is the significance of this gene and how are secret space programs already using it?

How did the ECETI ranch come to be and what happens there? Why are there so many UFO sightings here? Is it a stargate? Are people really seeing Bigfoot there? And how do starseeds react when they walk into the medicine wheel on this property?

All of this and more in episode 034!

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