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037: Alternative Health vs Big Pharma, Money Talks & the Intuitive Body

Welcome back for an old school episode of four friends having an open conversation about health and spirituality. We'll share our thoughts and opinions on the alternative health field and why some of us chose to move away from western philosophies to incorporate more holistic health practices. How did it shape our health? How does western medicine fit in? 

What about the government's role in our declining health programs? Is there a genuine interest in our health or is it just one big money scheme? Why does conspiracy keep rising into the discussion? Who can we trust? The MSM? Is the dollar deciding which version of health we are being told? When does integrity and value systems become a guide in our discernment?

And what about our body? Does it have its own voice? Does it speak to us if we listen close enough? Is there an intuition system embedded into our cells? How do we reach it if so? 

All of this and more in episode 037!

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