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038: Reading A Skeptic's Akashic Records, Past Lives & Higher Self Arguments w Maureen St Germain

If you've ever wondered what an Akashic Records reading would be like, you are going to love today's episode. One of our resident skeptics has agreed to have his Akashic records read by Maureen St. Germain who returns to Enlighten Up once again. It's a powerful yet beautiful experience that had us all surprised at varying times. This is an authentic Akashic reading between our skeptic, Maureen and the Record Keepers. Lisa and Nicole silently listen in until it is completed and the floor opens up for a post-reading discussion. 

What could a skeptic's past lives look like? What would make him choose to be so logical and left brained in this lifetime? We get into how our past lives can affect current situations in our present lives bringing much clarity as to why things are happening the way they are. How does the reincarnation process work? Do we get to bring in the accumulated knowledge of everything we have learned to this point or do we choose to forget it all? And if we forget it all, why would we choose this?

Later on in the show we discuss the Higher Self and how we can often argue with our H.S and not even realize it. How do we create the authentication password to verify we are indeed communicating with our H.S? Is there a logical process to follow? 

All of this and more in episode 038!


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