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039: Intuitive Timing, Dowsing, Michael the Witchdoctor & Astrology with Lisa Allen

Have you ever wondered when an event in your life may come to pass? Your next relationship? A new job? The discovery of your purpose? Today we welcome Lisa Allen, a Timing Specialist and Astrologer, to our show. Lisa shares with us some incredible events she was able to discover the timing of by using dowsing. What is dowsing and can you use dowsing as a tool in your own life?

As an astrologer, Lisa discusses the idea with us that astrology in modern times is now considered a pseudoscience versus a method reserved for the academic scholars in the past. What does she think about science in today's modern times?

And later in the show, Michael shares his real life experience of healing himself using some methods we have spoken about in the past. Did it really work? Which method did he use? And where did his injury actually come from?

All of this and more in episode 039! 

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