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041: Tribalism, Labels, Open-Mindedness & Acknowledging the Shadow Self

Today we discuss all things related to Tribalism. Tribalism can be very positive but currently its being used as a weapon of separation to fuel hatred and anger. What happens when people come together and share opposing views or ideas in a healthy manner? Why wouldn't this be promoted? 

As four friends who all have differing views and ideas on many topics, we enjoy our conversations more because it promotes critical thinking. At the end of the day, even if we disagree with one another, we still love each other. Today's show highlights what can happen when friends have discussions on opposing views and still want to hang out.

Also, why is the media promoting such emotional instability? What would be the pay off for the controlling elite? And if you're someone who can't stand talking to someone who doesn't share your beliefs, find out how your higher self may be triggering you to take a look at the darker aspects of yourself you don't want to admit are there.

All of this and more in episode 041!

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