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042: Quantum Manifestation, Bilocation, Jumping Timelines & Energy Philanthropy w Marina Jacobi

We welcome Marina Jacobi, author of the Harmonic Reactor and Nano Technology to our show today. Marina channels and downloads information through working with the Council of 9, The Hybrids, the Pleiadians and others. Her teachings bring us the quantum physics behind manifestation and creating the world you want to live in.

Today we'll talk about the Quantum Structure which is how we create everything! What is the protocol to follow for Quantum Manifestation? How does it work? How does this guide us into 5th dimension living? 

Is it possible to Bi-locate? What are the quantum physics behind this and jumping timelines? How is possible to be in 2 places at once? Which timeline do you ideally want to be in? How do we move from one timeline to the next? Can it be in an instant?

And what is Energy Philanthropy? Are you curious or active in the Ascension process? This will definitely help to assist you through Ascension and understanding the New Earth being created. We also touch on the Solar Event or Solar Flash!

All of this and more in episode 041!

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