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044: Parasite/Implant Removal, Chakra Integration, Astral Dream Tags & a Qi Meditation with Eric Raines

We have an incredible announcement for all of you today as well as an incredible guest joining us on the show! Eric Raines, who currently implements a variety of energetic tools such as parasite/implant removal is joining the Enlighten Up conversation! Eric shares his journey through his dark night of the soul and how he discovered his sovereignty was compromised by parasitic entities and implants. Learn how he self taught himself the removal process and then find out how you can do the same.

You'll also get a deeper understanding about the chakra system and how it is limited due to the small percentage of light spectrum we are able to perceive. He'll teach you how to implement more frequencies and expand your Qi flow. Eric will then take us all through an incredible Qi Meditation to deepen our awareness of body sensations. Why is this important? How does consciously dropping into the body relate to implant removal? Self healing?

And our very own Lisa and Michael will have astral dream tags and parasitic energy cleared on the show! Why does Michael have an astral GPS tag on him? Why had Lisa dropped into such a dark place for days and not able to get herself out? 

All of this and more in episode 044!

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