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045: The Masculine vs Feminine Debate, Victimization Energy & Michael's Favorite Trigger 'You Just Need To Love Yourself'

Understanding the powers of the divine masculine and feminine energies is paramount to reaching harmony within so that it may be reflected in your outer world. Today we will go deep into discussion in how society has programmed us into believing one aspect is more negative than the other as well as the confusion behind these energies when it comes to gender. 

This topic also brings us into the role of victimization that is currently plaguing our society and why you absolutely do not ever want to fall into the trap of victim identification. Why is there such a push for people to identify with victim energy? How does this disempower you from reaching your full potential and making positive change in the world?

Later on Michael gets triggered once again from the idea of self love and we get to explore more reasons as to why this is such a trigger for him and many people. Why is it so hard for people to grasp this idea? Why do we find it so easy to love someone else but become clueless when it comes to doing such acts for ourselves?

All this and more in episode 045!

Masculine vs Feminine:

Waves of Light Cruise:

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