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047: The Event, DNA Activation Truth Codes, 40 Days in a Van with Jesus & Zero Point Energy Healing

If you are looking for more information on the 'Event' then this episode is for you! We are joined by guest Linda Good McGillis today who has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all things Galactic. We discuss star ships like the New Jerusalem or the 'Golden Rose', what the Event actually is, if it's really is a singular event like many believe, how many light workers on the planet are actually aware at this current time, and why some of them may be spiraling into the shadows.

Linda will share with us her traumatic spiritual awakening that left her wanting to die and how her healing journey was initiated when she spent 40 days in a van with angels and Jesus. What insight did they teach her? How did she treat them? Was it all a figment of her imagination?

Since having such a profound spiritual healing, Linda has been tapped into billions of her past lives and cosmic knowledge. She'll explain to us what the Divine Truth Codes of the Holy Mother and Father are and how you can use them to activate your DNA. We also discuss Twin Flame distortion, the power of zero-pointing your energy to transform painful energetic experiences, and last but not least what it means for all of us as a collective with slow-moving Uranus moving into Taurus on May 15th.

All of this and more in episode 047!

Truth Codes: 33106 & 33196

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