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051: Shopping at the Cosmic Costco, Remote Viewing & Reptilian Encounters with John Mathis

Today we are joined by John Mathis, a spirit communicator and remote viewer, who will open up his Pandora's box of experiences to us. What may seem like acid trips to some, are actually spirit-induced (not drug-induced) trips of near death experiences, astral projection, and remote viewing. John uses his shock-provoking humor to tell us his stories and provide many laughs along the way.

What did John learn in his first near death experience? Who was waiting for him on the other side? What is the Cosmic Costco and who shops there? Often times many of us question why we are here in the first place. Did John find out why some of us want to leave when we get here? What makes Earth such a difficult place to live? How is Earth perceived by other beings?

One of John's gifts is remote viewing. How did he learn it and is he teaching others to remote view as well? What is the secret to overriding the brain so that your remote viewing experience isn't impeded? Of course there was an off-planet projection that took him to the moon where he ran into a Reptilian. He describes what he saw and what happened when he realized the Reptilian could see him as well. 

As a Reiki master, John is able to send himself healing when visiting past lives. What impact does this have on his future lives? Is there an impact at all? And if so what would be the purpose?

All of this and more in episode 051!

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