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052: The Universal Soup of Consciousness, Pineal Antennas & Moses’ Praying Protocols with Aage Nost

Welcome back Aage Nost for a great discussion about using our mind to access the Universal Mind. Why do some people have instant access and others struggle to make any connection at all? Aage shares with us a simple and practical tool to use during meditation to empty our conscious mind and access the Universal Mind.

Is it true that we are all connected? How can this be applied to our minds and consciousness? We're going to talk about our own antennas, the pineal gland, and the power behind uniting 2 or more minds together on the same idea. 

And what about prayer? Does it really work? So many people say their prayers have not been answered. Perhaps there is a technique to it? According to Moses, there is! Aage shares with us from Moses' own writings, prayer protocols that will empower your prayers for a much higher success rate.

All of this and more in episode 052!

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