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055: Manifesting via Orgasms, Cancer's Anger Frequency & Leveling Up with Jessica Alstrom

Jessica Alstrom joins our show today to give us some high vibe insight on topics ranging from healing cancer via emotions to manifesting your abundance via orgasms. Her love for the quantum field has lead Jessica to turn her life into a living experiment of self-discovery.

Have you ever healed yourself from a physical ailment or disease? Do you know someone who has? Jessica is going to discuss how the ability to heal ourselves lies within our very own empowered choices of responsibility. What does it take to bypass the pills, surgeries, and toxic treatments and take back your health?

And on this journey inward of self-reflection and improvement, we often find things don't always get easier. In fact they get harder. There's a reason for that - you are Leveling Up! Find out how you can embrace these challenges and recognize their existence is a result of your growing greatness! 

Oh ya...and the big O! We talk orgasms, masturbation for detoxing and using the masculine feminine energy of creation for manifesting your abundance. 

All this and more in episode 055!

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