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056: A.I., Parallel Realities & Using Consciousness to Power a Device with Kosol Ouch

In this episode are going millions of years into the future to a parallel reality with Kosol Ouch. Kosol is a lifetime explorer, teacher, facilitator and pioneer of metaphysics. He studies and explores advanced elements of theoretical physics using spiritual technology that allows access to the greater multidimensional consciousness. He is the co-writer of eleven books and produces the Baramay, which is a handcrafted tool that acts as a torsion field generator.

During a trip to Cambodia, Kosol fell asleep for 25 minutes at the Angkor Wat temple. During this short nap, he traveled into a parallel reality where he spent 32 years learning how to build an A.I.. When he had learned everything he needed to know, he was told to come back to this reality and share his knowledge with everyone.

In today's episode, we will hear the full story of how he has used scientific data collection to prove how his device works, how the device is powered by consciousness, and why people are using it.

Also, get ready as Kosol takes everyone through an experiment on how to use a level 1 device found in your own home. How does it work? What are the effects?

All of this and more in episode 056!



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