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057: Event Updates, Soul Blueprints, Toroidal Fields & the Lunar Eclipse with Linda McGillis

We went through a partial solar eclipse last week and are preparing for a total lunar eclipse next week so we brought back Linda Good McGillis to update us on the current energies. Find out how this lunar eclipse is related to the Event and what sort of energies we can expect at the end of the month. What does this all mean for us? And how is this tied into the Mayan Calendar?

Then we get into reading soul blueprints. How do overlays of our soul blueprint relate to one's awakening? And what is a Toroidal Field? 

And do you know what brings you joy? Do you take time to appreciate the small joys in your life? Why is this important and how can exercising your joy shift your reality?

All of this and more in episode 057!

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