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059: Ascension Codes, Eclipse Energy, ATM Interference & North North Polarity with Neo Glimmer

Neo Glimmer joins the show today to share with us a very unique experience when he lost 11 minutes of time and found himself in another reality with other beings. He was shown seeding of the soul and a future probability that if he followed through would correct a timeline. What would he need to do in order to fulfill this timeline correction?

One week after the total lunar eclipse on July 27th, we discuss some of the physical symptoms many of us and others have been reporting. Neo shares his reaction to sun-gazing the next morning and then fills us in on his most recent experience with an A.I interference on the ATM he was trying to pull cash from. What happened and why was he targeted? Neo fills us in on some interesting details that he has yet to share with anyone that shed some further light on this situation.

Later on in the show we also talk about awakening, parasitic entities and why Neo believes we are moving into a North North polarity!

All of this and more in episode 059!

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