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060: Spiritual Paths of Addiction, Kurt Cobain Synchronicities & Erinspirational with Erin Gallagher

The path to awakening is never the same for all of us and at many times it can seem the opposite of what many would expect but that is quite simply the beauty of it all. Erin Gallagher joins the conversation today to share her path of addiction with drugs and then alcohol that eventually lead her to awakening while igniting her spiritual gifts.

Erin will share intimate and painful parts of her journey that had her very close to knocking on death's door. How did she escape the destructive path? And is there beauty in destroying oneself?

As Erin finally gets clean and chooses herself, she is opened up to some of her psychic abilities. How did they show up? How does she use them now to help others? And how did Kurt Cobain communicate with her and his sister at a party one night?

All of this and more in episode 060!

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