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061: EFT, Dream Warnings, Consciousness Malware & EMF Toxicity with Larry Burk

We are joined by Larry Burk who believes that our physical symptoms are messages from our body to transform our lives and today we are going to explore the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Why would we need a technique to liberate us from our emotions if we are working with the body? What is the science behind it?

As the author of Dreams That Can Save Your Life, he discusses the importance of dream journaling, how the body sends us medical warnings via our dreams, and why his Ted Talk got censored. 

Everyday our bodies are bombarded with the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) such as wifi and cell phones. These take a taxing role on our bodies already but what is EMF toxicity? What is about to be rolled out in a year that everyone should be protesting against that will drive that toxicity up in ways unimaginable to our health and survival?

All of this and more in episode 061!

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