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062: White Magic, Spells, Symbolism & Out of Body Experiences with Joe Rupe

Joe Rupe from Lighting the Void radio show joins us on Enlighten Up to discuss white magic. He brings his deep passion and knowledge for the esoteric forward to help us understand what magic really is. How does magic work? Are religions using magic? If so, why are we told not to?

Many people equate spells with magic and we are going to discuss the art of spells, the power of intention, and how to use spells to create positivity in your life. One of the way to enhance spells is using symbolism. What power do symbols hold? Why are some symbols hijacked from their positive meanings? 

Later in the show, Joe will share with us how using magic allowed him to have some out of body experiences. What did he see? What is the key to maintaining this state and not being thrown back into your body suddenly?

All of this and more in episode 062!

Lighting the Void:

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