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064: A Praying Mantis, the Mandela Effect & Awakening to Your Soul Mission with Matthew Mournian

The awakening process is a very unique journey that can be filled with expected and unexpected events. Today, Matthew Mournian joins our conversation to share his own awakening journey that involved hearing birds speak to him, reiki healing, ET contact via a praying mantis and timeline shifts. 

The Mandela Effect is an interesting topic that we discuss on the show this week as one proof that timeline changes do in fact exist. But the linear concept of time may actually be the biggest barrier to understanding the construct of time and how it can be broken. 

Later in the show we discuss Tarot as a diagnostic tool to assist in energetic healing, we do some tarot readings and then get into the idea of negative entities attacking those who take an energetic leap in frequency. Why does this happen?

All of this and more in episode 064!

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