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066: A Pleiadian Activation, Train Rides Back to 1991 & Visiting A Water Planet with Nori Love

Enlighten Up gets HYPNOTIZED! Brian, Lisa and Nicole have all been under hypnosis with Nori Love and today they share with you their individual experiences. Each experience was different from the others AND…it was not what any of us were expecting. And to make the show as organic as possible, the 3 of us are revealing our hypnosis with one another for the 1st time on the show.

What happened to Brian’s physical body when he was hypnotized? Did his higher self communicate with Nori? What happened to Lisa when she took a train ride back to 1991? Who did she see? Was the experience what she hoped for? And what happened to Nicole when she went into the future? Was there a Pleiadian reunion? Where did her cosmic travels take her?

Buckle up for a very interesting show! All of this and more in episode 066!

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