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069: The Hologram Never Lies, ‘Awakening Schizophrenia’ & Multidimensional DNA with Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough, a seer, alchemist, author and Awakening Facilitator, joins Enlighten Up to discuss how to build bridges of consciousness using our multidimensional DNA.

What is multidimensional DNA and how is Jennifer able to see it via our hologram? Are there easier ways to maneuver through this life and if so, what blocks are we putting up to slow ourselves down?

As many people begin to awaken to more self-awareness, they begin to feel like 2 different people at the same time. Why is this? And which one of your co-hosts is currently feeling what Jennifer has coined as ‘Awakening Schizophrenia’? Jennifer looks into the hologram to highlight where some of the roots to this issue may lie…as the hologram, according to Jennifer, never lies !

And are you too independent? Do you try to fix and do everything on your own? Do you resist help when it’s offered? How does vulnerability allow for someone to go direct with consciousness?

All of these questions are answered and more in episode 069!

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3 Days of Brain Bridges:

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