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070: The Body Snatcher, 3 Skeptics, Ego Incoming & Ascension Descending

We have a FIRST here at Enlighten Up! Today you are getting 3 skeptics and no guest…because our guest aborted the interview when she realized none of us were picking up what she was throwing down. You’ll find out why as we continued the conversation after she hung up and discussed the importance of discernment no matter who the teacher is.

Ego can get the better of any of us! We discuss how the ego can block us from continued growth on our journey and how ascension quickly descended today.

Later in the show you’ll also finally here about Nicole’s twin flame journey that ended abruptly from a potential walk-in we call the Body Snatcher. What is a body snatcher and whose body was being snatched? How did this experience almost derail Nicole from her spiritual journey altogether?

All of this and more in episode 070!

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