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078: The Relationship Body, Gene Cutters & An Ancestral Release Meditation with Eric Raines

Eric Raines is back to share his wisdom and expertise with all of at enLIGHTenUP! He has an incredible way of explaining complex healing modes in a digestible manner that makes application seamless. And today we are going to delve into many topics of energetic and physical healing starting with Gene Cutters.

Who are Gene Cutters and how are they healing ancestral traumas and pain? By healing the future is it possible to heal the past? Eric also takes us through a powerful ancestral release meditation.

Later on we talk about the Relationship Body. Why is Eric so passionate about bringing this body into our awareness? How did his awareness of this heal his own relationship when both parties already seemed healed? And what about the Stinky Cheese Effect? How does this rotten smell work our energetic highway in both directions?

All of this and more in episode 078!

Eric Raines Website: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Eve Lorgen: Alien Love Bite

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