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079: Ascension Diets, Starseed Codes & Is the Matrix Hologram Real with Michelle Walling

Michelle Walling, a Starseed Support Specialist, shares with us her wisdom on the Matrix. Some people say this Matrix isn’t real and others claim it is very much real. We are going to talk about how both of those perspectives can exist at the same time!

Michelle will also share with us her own soul mission and how it relates to Starseed Codes. What are they and how do they fit into her mission here on Earth?

We also talk about diet and the idea that you must eat certain foods in order to ‘ascend’. We will get to the truth of this matter which takes us into a discussion on juicing and prompts a very noticeable message from spirit!

What are Michelle’s thoughts on the Event and the Shift? How does this relate to the energy waves many are feeling? And what exactly are Soulless Beings?

All of this and more in episode 079!

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