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087: Epigenetics, Bio-Hacking the Ego & A Mayan Confession with Amber Frelin

Today we welcome another member of Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Revolution Team, Amber Frelin.

Amber specializes in taking people onto their path of BEING. Amber will show you how to take all the knowledge that you’ve learned and how to transfer that into your physical world, so you may live out all your wisdom and truth now! 

Amber was trained directly under Jessica Alstrom, and is a Graduate Master Teacher of Transcendence International Consciousness Academy. Amber has many years experience in western medicine and metaphysical healing arts; she is a specialist in addiction and eating disorder recovery and an expert in facilitating transformation for people in the area of mental health, quantum transformation, and epigenetic meditation. As a key member of the Quantum Revolution Team, Amber will be teaching the power of  epigenetic meditation as a tool for healing and quantum transformation in Las Vegas.

Thank you for tuning in as we discuss:

  • Subconscious  Blocks

  • Default Manifestation

  • How the Ego Keeps us Safe

  • Scaler/Tesla Technology

  • Authenticity via Experience

  • The Quantum Revolution Tour

All of this and more in episode 086!

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Quantum Revolution Tour Tickets & Information:

Miami QRT Highlights

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