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101: Waking Up In The Twilight Zone, Life Starts at 50 & A Talking Crane with Carlo Artana

Today we come to you from the island of Grand Cayman—well 2 of us do!! Brian is holding down the fort back in Denver while Nicole and Lisa are welcomed by our guest, Carlo Artana, who has a story that will leave you gasping. Carlo is a born and raised Italian that has been living on Grand Cayman for the past 10 years. The story he is going to share with us today is mysterious, heart breaking, incredibly spiritual and an example of the crazy things that seem to be happening here on planet Earth as we ascend into 5D. Masks are falling off and people’s truths are being revealed weather they realize they are ready for it or not. Please have a seat, grab a drink and be prepared for a made-for-tv love story turned tragic, or beautiful depending on how you choose to look at it.

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