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097: The Mosaic, Swarm Intelligence & Getting Out of Jury Duty with Danny Levin

Join us as we start the show off rolling with some pre-show conversation  where our guest, Daniel Levin, challenges Brian’s skepticism. Daniel has a very interesting history.  He was one day away from being ordained a Rabbi in Jerusalem, Israel, before he left and went to live for 10 years as a monk in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He practiced and taught meditation and yoga for over a decade. He has run a restaurant, a publishing house, a market, a meditation retreat, as well as, enjoyed a successful position as the Director of Business Development at Hay House. 

Today Daniel considers himself to be a connector , as he has a gift for  seeing how things connect. His book, The Mosaic a beautiful story that touches the heart and soothes the soul is a perfect metaphor for what he does. He puts broken pieces together that others have discarded, and sees connections (or missing connections) that others do not see. Daniel works with individuals, couples, businesses, and government agencies to help them develop better connection in all areas, for what we connect to or disconnect from determines our reality. Today Daniel challenges each of us to look at things differently as we discuss:

  • The I AM

  • How to get out of Jury Duty

  • Light Language from the 12th Dimension

  • His book, The Mosaic

  • Swarm Intelligence

  • Creating new paradigms

  • The dollar a month club

  • Man’s search for Meaning

Danny's Website

The Mosaic


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