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006: A Love Conspiracy - Chemicals vs Spirituality & Being Selfish vs Disney Expectations

In today’s episode we deconstruct what ‘love’ actually is and to keep the playing field even we’ve brought on another male to guest co-host with us. We’ve all heard the term unconditional love but do many of us love this way in our relationships including our biggest relationship with our Self?

We discuss the chemicals released when someone falls in love versus the more spiritual side of love. Can science really explain love in its entirety? Do love and marriage go hand in hand or are people more than ever marrying out of societal obligations to follow the road map of life we’ve all been taught to follow?

Do we love someone in order to get love in return? Being selfishly in love with yourself could be the answer we've all been searching for. What would happen if we came to the table with our own love for Self? Would we still have the same expectations of our partner? Or do expectations kill our chances at the happiness Disney movies profess in their happily ever after stories?

We discuss this all and more in episode 006!

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