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094: The Untold Anunnaki Story, Inner Earth & the Human Experiment with Rebecca Barfoot

Are you ready to hear the other side of the Anunnaki story and take a trip to inner Earth? Well, then hang on to your hats, because once again we welcome Rebecca Barfoot to our show and she is going to share all that and more with us today.

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090: Off Planet Contact, Awakening Alone & One Step From a Cardboard Box with Dave Parsons

Dave Parsons is a Gulf War veteran and aerospace engineer who has worked mostly on missile programs for the government and military.  After having an experience that can only be described as a “near death” experience, Dave walked away from his job and began to pursue a life on his own terms.  This awakening led to several experiences with off planet beings that he calls the “seven events”.

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081: Arcturian Transmissions, Sweat Lodges & Trinity Energy with Jody Maas

Jody Maas of is joining the conversation today to discuss:

  • Arcturians

  • The Trinity energy

  • Experiences in sweat lodges

  • Copper pyramids

  • Energy empowerment

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