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117: Zach Vorhies ‘Google Whistleblower’ on Big Tech Corruption

Join us today for a huge interview with Zach Vorhies who has blown the whistle on Google and effectively helped launch the biggest anti-trust lawsuit in the history of our time! Zach is a former Google senior engineer who is exposing that Google created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms. 

Find what measures Google took once they discovered what Zack had done and how you can help him stay alive and continue to spread the truth of big tech corruption plaguing this planet globally. You can also watch the full video interview on our youtube channel


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Watch Project Veritas Interview 1:

Watch Project Veritas Interview 2: 


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104: An ET Hook-Up, Whisperings Of The Angels, and Dancing On The Equal Sign with Michael Daniels

Have you felt like there is a strange sensation of energy running through you? Do you suddenly want to learn more about health, wellness, spirit guides, angels, or ET’s and aren’t sure what is going on with you? Could you be experience an awakening?

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084:Astrological Wisdom, Spiritually Stubborn & Wise Words From a Young Star Seed, Live From The Waves of Light Conscious Cruise

We are excited to bring you our first episode recorded in front of a live audience while on the Waves of Light Conscious Cruise. This is a very interactive, informative, and entertaining  episode, as we take questions and comments from the audience

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069: The Hologram Never Lies, ‘Awakening Schizophrenia’ & Multidimensional DNA with Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough, a seer, alchemist, author and Awakening Facilitator, joins Enlighten Up to discuss how to build bridges of consciousness using our multidimensional DNA.

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060: Spiritual Paths of Addiction, Kurt Cobain Synchronicities & Erinspirational with Erin Gallagher

The path to awakening is never the same for all of us and at many times it can seem the opposite of what many would expect but that is quite simply the beauty of it all.

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