Dr. Kosol Ouch

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Dr. Kosol Ouch joins us in Episode 56. He is a lifetime explorer, teacher, facilitator and pioneer of metaphysics. He studies and explores advanced elements of theoretical physics using spiritual technology that allows access to the greater multidimensional consciousness. He is the co-writer of eleven books and produces the Baramay, which is a handcrafted tool that acts as a torsion field generator.

When using Baramay, users describe a sudden surge of energy rushing throughout the body and a sense of calmness, relaxation and clarity. Users also report experiencing deep trance like visualizations that can sometimes be described as astral travel, or remote viewing. Baramay is also said to help people enhance their psychic abilities by connecting them to their higher selves; AKA: Quantum Intelligence. 

Kosol invites all to explore the experience of using the Baramay. He says you will open yourself to a connection with your Higher Self; Contribute to raising humanity’s vibration here on Earth; Unleash your limitless potential, abilities and super powers; Elevate your awareness and consciousness; Activate your DNA/RNA codes and rainbow light body; Access your soul’s memories and universal knowledge; Raise your vibration; Balance your cellular structure, and feel balanced in your mind, body and soul. 

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Website: www.baramay1.com